• Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

    A few weeks ago I decided that we would take a spontaneous road trip to West Virginia. I was partly inspired by the popular John Denver song which has the lyrics, “Almost heaven, West Virginia”. Plus, we were within a couple hours drive so I thought, “why not?”

    Since this trip was partly spontaneous, I didn’t have as much time to do as thorough research as I would have liked, but, for what time I did have I think I did pretty good. We went the last weekend of September which was unseasonably warm. If I could plan the trip again I would probably come when the fall foliage is out in full force.

    Before we left, I had made a fancy google map which had our entire route inputted. I knew there would not be good cell phone service but I thought if I pre-loaded the map then it would be fine. Warning, do not hit the “arrived” button when you get to the first destination. I did this and it erased all of the remaining stops plus we happened to be in a no cell service area.

    The map below details the route we took, starting with our first destination, Glade Creek Grist Mill which is located in Babcock State Park. To get a sense of direction, this area of WV is located near the southeast of the state.

    On our way to the Grist Mill, we passed through a lot of old coal towns which were very depressing looking. It looked like there was nowhere to work and houses were falling down or looked uninhabitable. Later, I looked up houses for sale in these towns and you could buy a house for around $15,000-$20,000.

    Onward to our first stop!