Welcome to my blog! Here you will find an array of topics that interest me, including: 

– Personal Finance

– Real Estate

– Travel

– Anything else I decide to write about

 About me: 

I grew up on a 200 head beef cattle operation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I always love going back home to help out on the farm or just to get a breath of fresh air. Read more about my experience growing up on the farm here

I had the opportunity to attend an amazing university you may have heard of before (Go Hokies!) and actually met my now husband there while working in the dining hall. After graduating early (yay, less tuition!) I started working at a community bank. 


A Passion for Real Estate

Shortly after starting my career, I was reading a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” while at the beach. As a matter of fact, I recall the exact day: July 4, 2016. Despite there being some controversy over whether this book is actually helpful, almost anyone who is involved in real estate investing will say that this is the book that sparked their ambition and interest. This same statement is true for me as well. I probably read the entire book that afternoon. That night I was on the computer, looking up houses for sale, running calculations, emailing my realtor like a crazy woman on a mission. I’m sure my family thought “what is she doing – we are on vacation!” 

Nearly 4 months after reading the book, I had made an offer on my first rental property. You can read about that experience here.  

One year later, we were able to purchase a duplex, followed by another single family home. Just like the debt snowball, I like to think of purchasing investment real estate as a snowball as well.


Other Fun Stuff

When we aren’t working or renovating a property, my husband and I (or sometimes just me) will go hiking, kayaking, lift weights, or go help out on the farm. 

 I’m a very avid reader. In 2018 I read 66 books. We strive to go on at least 1 international trip each year – my theory is we will see more of the U.S. when we are older and can travel around in an RV for an extended period of time. 

In addition to this blog, I am also a freelance writer – please contact me for all your article writing needs! 

There you have it – that’s me! I hope this blog will help to inspire, educate, or at least humor you. 

– Virginia